Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blue on Blue

I have written an article about my heavily embellished quilted constructions.  This is one of a series that are above the fireplace at Crossways.   I use a very heavy foundation fabric which was originally manufactured for the millinery industry.  The pieces are all sewn on.  The one that says "Holliday for Judge" came from my sister in law, Carolyn Holliday's successful campaign for judge in Navajo County, Arizona.   There is also a button I brought back from Korea for the Habitat for Humanity.  Jewelry parts, a small spool of blue thread, a series of blue buttons and beads make up the pointillist quality of this piece.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Hippo stands in front.  I got him at the Tarrytown Goodwill Store in Austin for $1.25.

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