Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pink Tree Party

I want to tell you a little about how I got this tree.  I did not go buy it on the first visit to Garden Ridge Pottery.  I had gotten the flyer in the mail telling all about the colors of pre-lit trees that they were selling.  I couldn't stand it.  There were teal ones, lime green, bright red, and of course, the Elvis pink.   Later that evening, I drove down to Garden Ridge but realized as I walked through the front door, that I was getting there just twenty minutes before closing time.  Not wanting to miss anything, I decided to use one of those handicap carts.   Ok, I know they are for handicapped people, but I have recently learned that a number of geriatric people use them late at night for their joy rides around Wal Mart and other stores.  So, since there were no other people in the store, I grabbed one and took a quick spin around to see all the glories of pre-lit fake Christmas Trees in colors that nature never bothered to use.   Then I saw the rug I had been needing for my garage.  I put it into the front basket, just as they announced all (one) customers should bring their purchases to the front of the store.   I proceeded to the check out area and tried to maneuver the maze they have for entering the cash register area.  The length of the rolled up rug was indeed a problem.  As I turned the first corner, I took out a whole shelf of random sale items.  The can of foaming leather cleaner knocked to the floor and started foaming on the spot.   Loudly.  I backed up, but, unfortunately took out all the stuff that did not go on the first pass.   Realizing that the items were more than I could carry, I worked my cart around so that it missed the Tums, suppositories, bowl cleaner, Werthers Originals, breath mints and turkey basters and drove up to the only manned (actually girled) cash register.   There were only three young adults working and they were ready to go home.  I never said a word about the leather cleaner or the broken plastic angels.   They wanted to go home and so did I.  

I got the rug into my car and drove off.  Somebody would arrive in the morning and find the chaos I had left behind. 

Two weeks later,  I returned to Garden Ridge, ready to buy my tree.  To my dismay, they were almost gone.  They let me buy the floor display pink tree.  What a relief.  Nothing says festive like an artificial pink tree.

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