Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ladder Backed Necktie Chairs

Bea Fisher makes these chair seats from neckties.  She cuts the wide parts off and uses the straighter parts to weave for a very sturdy seat.  She has been generous enough to share some of the wide points with me which are perfect for making yo-yo embellishments for other projects.  I cannot resist these chairs.  I have several, plus a foot stool.  Last summer I bid on a whole set of ladder backed chairs at the Grace Hospital Auction in Townshend, Vermont.   I was able to get the chairs for $10 a piece.  I took them to Fisher Hill and dropped them off as a gift to Bea.  Later she sold  me the chairs.  For a good price.

Here is the stool.  Sam Battiglino wanted it too, but it was at the Silent Auction for the Christmas Fair for the Grafton Church.  I must have outbid him, because it is at my house now.

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