Friday, January 1, 2010

Floral Compliment

I made this quilt for the Alliance For American Quilts.  As a board member, I am particularly proud of the work that the alliance does.  This piece, a sixteen inch square, was auctioned on ebay in the summer of 2008.  Merle Stalder, of Falls City, Nebraska won the bid and donated the quilt to the Stalder Gallery permanent collection.  I was particularly flattered that he had to bid against my CPA who also wanted to buy it. 

This piece is  mixed media using silk flowers, Textiva Film, assorted commercial fabrics and DMC floss.  It is a complimentary color combination of orange and blue which are opposite each other in the color wheel. 

Here is a picture of Merle looking at my solo show at the Stalder Gallery, 2008.

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