Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fairy Houses

This is the second year that Grafton has participated in a Fairy House Tour.  After the books written byTracy Kane became popular, more people started making Fairy Houses.   They are to be constructed using natural materials.  Any construction aids need to be covered.  I was able to construct this one with the use of nails, clothespins, string, and glue.  I chose hydrangeas for the thatched roof because they do so well drying in place.  If a fairy wants to come live in this one, I will be delighted.

Approaching my Fairy House

Stone steps, Birch bark walls, Hydrangea roof.

A row of bark quilts

A chipmunk was spotted entering.

Ponds of Marigolds

Quilt Row

The whole time I was constructing this house, I had an audience.

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  1. Oh Frances, I would love to come live in your Fairy House! If only I could find my magic shrinking powder. It is beautiful, and so sweet with the "quilts" hanging outside to air!