Thursday, April 8, 2010

Please Mail Me Something.

I have been doing art mail for years.  My favorite way is to make postcards from the materials that are in front of me.  I mail them to myself several times so that I get multiple stamp and canceling images.  Yes, these postcards are completely legal.  If a postal person tells you that you cannot do this, just be polite because I promise you, you can.  Once in Tokyo, I was having trouble getting the hotel personell to mail something for me so I just went outside and pushed it into a mailbox.  It was a red laquered paper fan that I had addressed to myself.  It came a day or two after I had gotten back to the USA.

These postcards have been sent to the Art House Coop in Brooklyn as part of a mail art project that they will make a book and exhibit from.   If you want to "play"  my address is on the card below .

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