Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sketches from our table cloth quilt.

A bunch of us have been sitting around the table, doodling on this length of muslin.  It is at Kathy York's house now.   When I get back to Austin, we will decide how to quilt it.   It can be whole cloth or we can cut it into pieces and each of us work on a part.  We will embellish it after quilting, probably with small seed beads.   None of us has a theme.  We just sit and drink coffee and talk about stuff and let our hands do the drawing.


  1. Hi Frances, I've only just discovered you have a link to my blog in your side panel - thank you - and by coincidence last week my friends and I were doodling on a length of cloth. We cut ours up and each took a piece home, but no one has a clue what to do with it.
    I love yours, it's so colourful, our ladies hadn't done anything like this before and were a little tentative to start.

  2. Erica, If you have each person sandwich her piece and do a lot of free motion or other machine quilting, then you can put the pieces back together. Take a look down at our group quilt called "Group Conversations" and you can get an idea about how to put them back together. If you want more ideas, write to me at coyotetrap@aol.com